Client node

Run client -h to see all available command line switches. Some example ones are:

-t - use Testnet (instead of regular bitcoin network)
-ul=NN - set maximum upload speed to NN kilobytes per second
-dl=NN - set maximum download speed to NN kilobytes per second

To run the client on a remote Linux server (via ssh connection), you probably want to get adventage of screen command.


When the client is already running you have an interactive, text command based interface, on the console.
Type help to see the possible commands.


There is also a web interface that you can operate with a web browser.

Make sure to have the www/ folder in the location where you execute the client from.
The folder contains files that are an essencial part of the WebUI application.

WebUI application is tested with Google Chrome, but should be compatible with any modern web browser.

By default (for security reasons) WebUI is available only from a local host, via

Remote server

In order to use WebUI securely on a remote server, set up ssh tunneling to port 8833.

Local network

If you run the node on a local network and want to have access to its WebUI from different computers:

Read more about the config file at the config file page.